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The National Art Honors Society (NAHS) hopes to gain recognition in the form of Post-It pictures found throughout the school. The images they created include classical artworks such as The Mona Lisa or pictures with a Super Mario Bros theme. 

President of the National Art Honors Society Julia Lundy explains the purpose of these works of art.

“We found the idea on Pinterest,” Julia Lundi explained, “last year we did something similar with masking tape, and we wanted to follow that up.” 

The NAHS also is hoping the sticky notes will gain them some recognition.

“I hope that people see it and think it’s cool,” says Julia. 

Junior Lucas Farabaugh is not involved in the arts at Parkland, but after having seen the sticky notes, he said that the sticky note artwork was “Inspired and he was not aware that NAHS was a thing, it is different and makes you take a double take.” 


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The Groundhog Predicts An Early Spring Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:53:48 +0000 What is Groundhog Day? Every year on February 2nd, a groundhog is supposed to determine whether or not winter will last six more weeks. If the groundhog sees its shadow, then winter is supposed to last six more weeks, and if it does not see its shadow, an early spring is to be expected. According to CNN, “This tradition started in Europe as Candlemas Day. Germans who settled in Pennsylvania in the 1700s brought the custom to America.” 

Dozens of states in the US celebrate this day with their own groundhogs. Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil is the most well-known of all the rodents. This year, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which predicts an early spring. According to NBC News, “From 2015 through 2019, he has predicted six more weeks of winter thrice and an early spring twice.”

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February: The Month Remembering Black History! Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:53:30 +0000 The month of February is known as Black History Month in which we honor and celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans and their role in American history.  

February has been  known as Black History Month since 1976.  This is an international occurrence in Canada and the United Kingdom also celebrates the rich history of African Americans during the month of February.  The story of Black History Month began after the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished skavery and involuntary servitude in 1865. According to, in September of 1915  Harvard historian, Carter G. Woodson and minister Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH), an organization dedicated to researching and promoting achievements by African  Americans and people of African descent.

Each year is marked by a specifically designed theme.  The Black History Month 2020 theme, “African Americans and the Vote,”is in honor of the Fifteenth Amendment, which gave the right to vote to African American males and the Nineteenth Amendment granting the same right to women.  This year, is to promote citizens to utilize his/her right to vote. According to Mel Reeves from the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, the reasoning for the centralization around the amendments is due to the 150th anniversary of the 15th amendment and the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment.  It reminds many of the Radical Reconstruction era preceded by the Civil War. This year will also be the 55th anniversary of the Freedom Movement that placed emphasis on voting, previously denied to African Americans. Abolitionists worked with the likes of Fredrick Douglass and Women’s Movement activists  to ensure the right to vote for all citizens. In 2020, Black History Month is to remind us to use our voices for what we believe is right; The Association for the Study of African American Life and History wants this year to aid the public in changing and shaping the future.


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“Taylor Swift: Miss Americana” Establishes A New Narrative For The “Lover” Singer Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:53:03 +0000 On January 31st, 2020, in partnership with Netflix, singer, songwriter, and actress, Taylor Swift released a new documentary titled, “Taylor Swift: Miss Americana.” Directed by Lana Willson,  This documentary takes a raw and vulnerable insight into life off stage for Taylor Swift.

In the hour and 45 minute documentary, Swift discusses her old ideology that she’s meant to only be viewed as a “good girl” and success derives from applause; that this meant happiness, happiness was equal to praise and that this was all that she had-fulfilled by approval.  Through this mentality, Swift became the girl that everyone wanted her to be. Swift’s intense work ethic is shown as the documentary shows a phone call where Swift is notified that her sixth studio album, “reputation” was not nominated for any of the major categories ( album of the year, record of the year, etc.)  for the 2018 Grammy Awards. Swift’s immediate response is “I need to make a better record.” Swift has applied so much pressure on herself that not outselling a previous album, not getting the critically acclaimed success the last record had, is viewed as a “fail” or “flop.”  Despite this claim, Swift consistently finds herself breaking records with each new song and album released; she distinguishes herself as a performer and a songwriter through her storytelling. The songs within Swift’s catalog are insights to her diary, her personal life, her reality and it seems to pay off as her lyrics really resonate with her fans, “Swifties.” 

Due to the mentality that has trained Swift to thrive off of applause, she began to literally live for approval and if one negative thing were to happen, she was susceptible to crumbling down almost entirely.  This part of the film is where she takes control of the narrative that the media has cumulatively built over the years. Swift states that “ building a whole belief system on applause…. having a whole crowd boo is a formative experience.”  And that that event was the catalyst for many psychological paths- not all of which were beneficial. At this moment, we finally realize the impact that Kanye’s 2009 stunt took on the 19 year old Swift. We can only imagine how bad it must have felt and how it would make us feel; we relate to the fact that she thought they booed her because if we were in her shoes most of us would have thought the same thing. Swift believes that she keeps needing to prove her worth, that she belongs in this industry. Even after becoming the first female recording artist to win Album Of The Year twice (Fearless & 1989),  Swift felt alone and was clueless as to what was left of her career. She didn’t have anyone there to call or to talk to; no luxury to figure out her life because she was already getting dates and locations for tour. Furthermore, she couldn’t prioritize her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer.  


In that moment of her life, Swift realized that she couldn’t sweat the small things. She said to herself often, “ is the internet not liking you right now more important than your mother sick from chemotherapy?” 

She knew that she couldn’t keep herself in the negative mentality which has caused her to develop an eating disorder.  She would see pictures of herself and fall into a state of self hate where she would starve herself. She thought that she was supposed to feel like she’ll pass out-after a show or during a show- this was wrong. Since then, she has come to understand that it’s not right to worry about every piece of food that she put in her mouth and that it is better to feel healthy at size 6 than to be “sick” at size 00. She states that there’s “always a standard of beauty that you don’t meet… it’s…. impossible.” Swift felt alone and bitter which resulted in her deconstructing her whole belief system for the goodness of her mentality and health. 

As a result of her new found mentality, Swift finally broke silence on her political views. Swift simply couldn’t stand to stay out of the political race anymore. Since 2018, her life has changed; she feels more inclined to utilize her platform to speak up. Swift states that she wishes that she spoke out sooner and that if anything she just wants her voice to inspire her audience to become more educated and to use his/her voice. She officially has lost all interest in headlines and paparazzi and will stop at nothing to be listened to.  In depth, the documentary gives details about how Swift avocaded for a Democrat nominee. Swift is a human rights advocate and disapproves of Marsha Blackburn as she voted against an act which protects women from harassment such as stalking and other harassment in that realm; which is a personal issue for the pop star. Swift “must be on the right side of history.” She wished she spoke out sooner and feels like her speaking out is a BIG DEAL! This is “basic human rights…wrong vs. right.” Since her political breakthrough, many young voters have registered, in fact within 24 hours of her Instagram post, 51,308 new voters registered.  Swift believes that it’s not about what she thinks, but how she can motivate her fans to become educated on the issue that they find valuable. She wants “to wear pink and talk about politics.” Swift accomplishes this within her new album “Lover” with songs that hold political undertones and are an insight to Swift’s political beliefs ie : “ The Man,” “You Need To Calm Down,” and “Miss Americana and the Heartbreaker Prince.” The documentary’s accompan- ying single, “Only The Young ” also shows Swift as an activist with lyrics such as “ The game was rigged, the ref got tricked…. You go to class, scared…Wondering where the best hiding spot would be…They aren’t gonna help us… Too busy helping themselves…” Swift wrote this shortly after Blackburn won the election and became the first female senator for Tennessee. Swift wants this song to make a statement, but a statement which resembles hope as the young start advocating for candidates and political issues that they feel are important.  By ending the documentary with Swift’s political outbreak and the song “Only The Young,” the whole tone of the film takes a shift and the audience is left with a message. 

In this documentary, you see Swift reestablish her image yet again.  Fan or not a fan, you find yourself liking the “ You Need To Calm Down” singer.  You watch her narrative get told andyou begin to see a piece of yourself within her.   Telling her story raw from her perspective is the catalyst for which causes the audience to relate to the pop princess. We know “All Too Well” of the feeling that we don’t belong, that we are outcast, and that happiness derives from praise. As Swift deconstructs her mentality we also deconstruct our own ideology to reveal the common ground between Swift and ourselves. Swift no longer seems like this huge icon that nobody can get behind, yet just another person who we can relate to and sympathize with.  As a young adult, I especially feel the same necessity to prove myself worth as Swift does with each project that she embarks on. I understand the anxiety that coincides with not wanting to fail and obtaining a piece of what is deemed “successful.” This feels like an endless circuit as we wait for a moment that we believe will define us, however it never does. We will always be hungry for validation and approval of other people; we will always feel like what we did was not enough. Swift taking time to discuss this in depth seems like a wake up call to the audience. We suddenly begin to reflect on our own life and wonder why we let the internet dictate our lives so much. In a mutual understanding we stand with Swift as she opens up about her not so positive relationship with the internet and how it holds a beauty standard that is pretty much “…. impossible.” We like Swift start to realize that we little by little change ourselves, our behavior, our styling choices, our opinions, as we evolve into the person that other people want us to be.  I know from personal experience that being a people pleaser is difficult, because you choose your actions because you put other’s opinions before your own. The fact that someone of Swift’s status feels the same way as someone like me that this film resonates with not just me but many other people too. This film is not just a raw look at Swift, but it’s a raw look at ourselves. It’s a look at the power of not just our words, yet our will power to take those words and the criticisms and turn them into something successful. This documentary is not just a film to capitalize off of Swift’s success, but it is to project her narrative and inspire her audience by discussing the vulnerability of her personal life that the public hasn’t seen before. “Taylor Swift: Miss Americana” is the documentary that will change all perception of Swift leaving all viewers with a new found respect for the “ The Man” singer.

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Astronaut Spends 328 Days in Space Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:52:42 +0000 Christina Koch, an astronaut, spent a record-breaking 328 days in space. Along with astronaut Jessica Mier, both of these incredible women broke the record for the longest single spaceflight by a female. Not only did they accomplish this incredible feat, but they also hold the record for the first female spacewalk. According to News Channel 3, during Christina’s Kochs mission, she completed six spacewalks, including another two with Jessica Mier. News Channel 3 also stated that Mier and Koch  also spent 42 hours and 15 minutes outside the station. The astronauts on their mission spent most of their time in experiments and many investigations. This mission will help NASA get ready for the possibility of landing the first humans on Mars. This wasn’t easy for the astronauts to do. Being in space for long periods of time can lead to health and mental problems. As much as an amazing opportunity it was for the astronauts to go on that type of journey, Koch said that she misses “ the wind on her face, the feeling of raindrops, and sand on her feet” Both of these women brought valuable information along with many accomplishments with them when they came back to Earth.


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Political Rationalization, a Concept that is Beginning to Shape our Politics Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:52:08 +0000 *Disclaimer: In this article, I am simply speaking on the concept of political rationalization as a whole, neither in the world of Republicans or Democrats. I have not portrayed my political stance, but rather I have simply spoken on what political rationalization is and how it has affected the political world. 

The difference between right and wrong has become foggy in our world, especially with the developing concept of political rationalization in our society. In some shape or form, political rationalization has always had a presence in American politics. Rationalizing, as many might already know, is “attempting to explain or justify (one’s own or another’s behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible, reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate”, as defined by Oxford Dictionary. Political rationalization is similar in that a person who has to make a choice in politics rationalizes or justifies their decision, even though they don’t believe in that person, policy, or outcome. 

One example of this can be portrayed in the current race for president, where voters may justify their change in their vote because a candidate has received more following than others, or because the other candidates or lackluster in their eyes. 

Additionally, as explained by New York Times writer, Steve Israel, “Like erosion, political rationalization is incremental, shaped by harsh winds and climates over a period of time. It usually begins when a small issue meets a larger electoral consequence. Constituents push you to vote ‘yes’ when you want to vote ‘no,’ so you rationalize: ‘I’ll wait for someone else to put it over the top, then my ‘yes’ vote won’t mean as much.’ Or: ‘I’ll vote yes, but the Senate will defeat it. Or the president won’t sign it. Or if it does become law, well, there’s always the Supreme Court.’” 

In my opinion, sacrificing your political beliefs at the expense of your own principles should never occur, especially in an advanced democracy like the United States. Changing your political beliefs because you disagree with a policy or the person in power is acceptable, but justifying your change of beliefs because of others or reasons that could harm another group in society is not. Those participating in politics should especially never let society as a whole change their morals despite the benefits it might invoke.

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The Eighth Annual World Language Week is to Commence Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:51:42 +0000 2020 marks Parkland High school’s eighth annual World Language Week from February 24-28.  World Language Week is a time when different languages, nationalities and ethnicities are celebrated.  This year various activities throughout the week include a cake contest, fashion show, fat Tuesday breakfast celebration, cultural dress day, authentic Carribean food fiesta and cultural videos.  The school will also feature cultural door decorations made by language students. The goals of world language week are to promote acceptance and increase global awareness, to celebrate diversity and appreciate difference, to promote language learning, to provide students with a platform to celebrate personal heritage, to encourage other teachers to make global and international connections within their subject matter/discipline, to have school-wide participation, and to have fun.  Some of these activities take place after school and have an entrance fee, be sure to check out the school website for a detailed calendar of the weeks activities.


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The New Football League That is Taking the Sports World by Storm Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:50:54 +0000  The XFL kicked off its opening weekend with four games. This new developmental football league is full of former NFL or CFL players that are looking to climb their way back up to the NFL. The XFL is structured to create a faster paced game and more scoring than normal NFL games, and certain rules make the game more entertaining than NFL games. For example, the kickoffs after a score are made shorter to avoid high-speed collisions. The point after touchdowns are also different, with three choices to convert on the attempt: a 1pt, 2pt, or 3pt conversion. The average attendance at the four games this past weekend was about 17,000 people, according to While it’s very early to tell if the XFL can become a major success, it definitely is on its way to success.

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Spring Physicals to the Athletic Office Feb 21 Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:50:00 +0000 All athletes are required to have physicals at the start of each season.Students who do not turn in physicals on time are not able to participate in school athletic events until a completed physicals and ImPact tests are handed in. The question of eligibility for late physicals is up to coach discretion.

 The athletic office offered physicals to all student athletes Saturday February, 8th. For students who received their  physicals in the Cafeteria on Saturday, they should have turned it into the nurses that day. If not, turn it into the athletic office as soon as possible. For those who prefer to go to their family doctor, they must have the physical completed and turn in to the athletic office to Mrs. Mihalik. 

All new students and freshman must receive ImPact testing. Impact tests are offered at Coordinated Health on Cedar Crest BLVD for $25.00. For more information about impact testing call 610.861.8080. You must call the number provided to set up an ImPact test. If you have never received your ImPact test you will not be able to participate in your chosen sport until an ImPact test is completed.


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Winter Sports Senior Nights Tue, 11 Feb 2020 19:23:45 +0000 January 31st was senior night for boys Varsity Basketball,Girls Varsity Basketball,  Varsity Cheerleading and the senior Dance Team members. All of the seniors were announced at the Varsity basketball game and the college they were planning on intending. Each senior student received flowers and was accompanied by their parents and family members on the court. They each were congratulated on their success in their sport and praised for their hard work by the crowd. The following are all of the seniors in each sport that were thanked for their dedication to Parkland High School athletics. 


 Girls Varsity Basketball

Mia Coval 

Ashlyn Fritzinger 

Jada Rodriguez 


Boys Varsity Basketball

Vincent Gerbasio 

Jared Kucharczuk

Christopher Lessel

Jacob Melady

Abigail Mirth (Team Manager)

Ja-lon Perkins

Nicholas Rappa 

Dylan Rhoads 


Varsity Cheerleading

Madison Gagge 

Veronica Paulino

Madison Troxell 


Varsity Dance Team

Mary Powell 

Ashley Molchany 

Caroline Steirer

Victoria Roecker 

Paulina Pitera 

Lauren Buchanan 

Sarah Lang 

Alyssa Bartczak

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