Highlighting a Handful of Parkland’s Seniors


Photo provided by Ava Pugeda.

Ava Pugeda, Staff Writer

     Although senior year was cut short for the Class of 2020, the year still served as a memorable experience for all seniors. In the shortened amount of time, seniors were still able to experience some favorite memories, either during this current school year, or throughout their years of high school. As seniors, some students who have been in high school the longest also have some words of wisdom to the younger students at Parkland.


     Isabelle Cincera states, “My favorite memory was pre-season with the field hockey team. It was a way to reconnect with my old teammates and to meet the new ones joining the team. Advice that I would give to non-seniors is to believe in yourself and your capabilities.”


     Ethan Warren says, “My favorite memory would be placing 3rd as a team at cross country Districts and making it to states. My advice would be to cherish the moments you do have with your classmates while you have the time.”


     Jess Tseo tells me, “My favorite senior memory was going to Disney with the rest of the orchestra and band kids, and just getting to relax and have fun together. One piece of advice that I have for non-seniors is to really cherish every moment in high school because you never know when you will have your last day.”


     Gavin Russell states, “My favorite senior memory is just being able to come to school and see my friends every day. A piece of advice I have for non-seniors is to always work hard and help others because someday it will be recognized.”


     Logan Iacobelli tells me, “My favorite senior year memory is probably homecoming night, and also playing volleyball for my last year ever. A word of advice would be to stay focused because you still have to do pretty well your last year because colleges will still look at your senior year grades.”


     Grace Smith says, “My favorite senior year memory was definitely hosting Mr. Parkland with the other senior class officers. We had so much fun planning it all, and watching everyone laugh during the show was really rewarding. My advice to non-seniors is to put in the extra work because it all pays off eventually.”


     Emma Garchinsky states, “My favorite memory was definitely my cross country senior night. I got to spend it with all of my closest friends and family to celebrate my last time running on my home course. My advice for non-seniors is to appreciate every single moment of your senior year, and do not take a single second of it for granted.”


     Josh Mede states, “My favorite senior memory would probably have to be homecoming, and if I could give a piece of advice to the underclassmen, it would probably be to try your best to get involved in high school.”


     Shefalee Rane states, “My favorite senior year memories were going to all of the football games. My advice to non-seniors is to be open to trying new things. Sometimes adventures that you normally wouldn’t do, turn out to make meaningful memories.”


     Kate Gottwald says, “My favorite senior year memory is of our senior night meet for swimming and diving. A piece of advice I would give to underclassmen is to stay on top of everything and work hard because it will likely pay off when applying to colleges.”


     Olivia Vaccari says, “My favorite senior year memory would be how much the field hockey team improved together. I had an amazing season and loved every moment of it. I’ll never forget the times I spent with my team. The advice I would say to non-seniors would be to never take anything for granted. That seems kind of obvious to say because all seniors are missing out on some special things we were looking forward to. But, when I say that I’m thinking of how I didn’t try my best at running track before, and finally tried my hardest junior year, I surprised myself in so many ways. Don’t waste time going through the motions and make the most of every possible moment to better yourself in whatever you do.”


     Jill Bushinsky tells me, “My favorite senior year memory was the first day of spring sports with the girl’s lacrosse team. My advice would be to enjoy every moment at PHS. Do your best every day, because the finish comes quicker than you think.”


     Julianna Elsesser states, “My favorite senior year memory was getting to sit at the lunch table with all my best friends. Homecoming was also a lot of fun. My advice is to do spontaneous adventures because those are always the most fun.”


     Amanda Dait says, “My favorite memory from senior year was participating in all the different fundraisers for Mini Thon! We canned at football games, had a car wash, and I got to play in the Seniors vs. Faculty basketball game along with so much more, which was all super fun and for a great cause. I would tell non-seniors to soak in every moment of high school from the spirit weeks to attending all the sporting events and participating in things like Mr. Parkland. You just have to make the most of every opportunity even if it’s out of your comfort zone because they turn into big memories.”


     Lily Goense says, “My favorite memory was the indoor track meet at East Stroudsburg. Most of the team stayed until the very end of the meet to cheer for everyone. It was about seven hours long, and it was really heartwarming to see everyone staying even though they were tired and hungry, and that’s what made us such a strong team. My advice to underclassmen is to find at least one person in your classes to work together, they will be your support and it will make the year so much easier and more fun, because you get to know them along the way, and you might even end up being friends.”


     Claire Todaro tells me, “My favorite senior memory was being involved in running Mr. Parkland and being a part of class officers in general. A few pieces of advice I’d give is to get involved in extracurriculars and try to stop worrying about what others think. Also, if you’re going to eat anything from the cafeteria, it should be the bagels.”


     Kristyn Kleinhenz says, “My favorite senior memory by far was the pink out football game when we played Nazareth, The atmosphere was amazing to be in! We all had the same mindset, cheering on our team! To the underclassmen, do not take for granted any moment you have in high school. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. These are going to be the times you remember so have fun while working hard.”


     Ainsley Long states, “My favorite memory from senior year was getting ready and going to football games and getting to see all my friends and then going to Applebee’s after. One piece of advice I would give to non-seniors is to use the time you have left in high school to have fun because once you graduate, you’ll have so many more responsibilities.”