The Effects of the Corona Virus on Consumer Culture


Photo from the New York Times

Abby Shurman, Staff Writer

Everyone can agree that the Corona Virus has drastically altered the everyday shopping habits of people around the world.  Many U.S. citizens have shifted their shopping from in store to online.  Services such as rapid pick-up and next-day-delivery have made it easier to adjust to online shopping.  From a business point of view, the heavy increase of online shopping has tremendously helped large corporations such as Target, Walmart and Amazon however it has hurt small businesses.  

Due to a lack of resources and outreach capabilities, small businesses have been struggling to stay afloat.  Another sub-industry in shopping that has been hit hard are department stores, according to CBS news; U.S. retail sales have dropped 8.7%.  This data indicates a new wave of consumer culture that is strictly online based.  Many people during this time are scared to leave the house and have resorted to online shopping.   However, in doing so they realized that online shopping is an easier and more efficient way to buy household necessities.  This new way of shopping will most likely continue even after the stay at home orders are over.