Realistic Outcome of Being Productive During Quarantine

Photo by Caedyn Lipovsky.

Photo by Caedyn Lipovsky.

Caedyn Lipovsky, Editor of News/Opinion

During quarantine, many are faced with the unexpected question of, should I be productive? Obviously, since there is so much time and reason to be productive, any intelligent person would say yes. But what many have experienced is the difficulties of being productive when surrounded by distractions. In addition to that, working and doing school work digitally has made it increasingly more difficult to stay focused and hold an attention span. 

In my opinion, this quarantine to most is a sign that they need to be extremely productive and take advantage of every day. However, as much as some would like to write a book, or learn a new hobby during this pause in their life, it is also a time to breathe and relax. Before quarantine, students had many sleepless nights consisting of studying for exams and writing essays. Juniors, like me, are also gearing towards college applications, meaning that the pressure is on to get internships, write research papers, and do amazing, productive things that’ll shock college admissions. This is almost impossible to do if by quarantine you’re burnt out from restlessness during the school year. 

During the first week of quarantine, I slept a lot. It’s been about four weeks, and I still am adjusting to this “break” from my life. I’ve picked up a new hobby, baking, but in no way would I consider myself productive during this quarantine. I especially feel that, at first, I felt pressured to be a new level of productivity by the media, where I saw many exercising every day, practicing sports, writing, etc. I felt like what I considered “productive” wasn’t good enough, but then I came to the realization that everyone has different capacities and levels of motivation. 

Productivity differs from person to person. No one should have to force themselves to be motivated in ways that they’re not ready for. Although the media and your peers might portray people continuing on with their lives, you still have time to grasp the idea that yours is on hold. Being productive does not come easily to everyone, because everyone has a different life. Overall, find ways to gradually make yourself more motivated, if needed. This can be cleaning your room once or twice a week, making sure your E-Learning is finished before Friday or making some sort of schedule to stick with.