“I’ll Always Remember You.”

A reminder of the early hours spent in the school yard where there were beautiful sunrises culminating our slumber and the start to a good day.

A reminder of the early hours spent in the school yard where there were beautiful sunrises culminating our slumber and the start to a good day.

Christian Dzema,工作人员

Dear Class of 2020, 

It’s hard to put this into words, but here it goes… We were introduced to the world as the shocking events of 9/11 forever changed our nation’s history and now it’s senior year and were faced with a pandemic that has stopped us from getting our traditional senior year. Flashback to 2006, we’re all in this together, Disney Channel still has its catchy wand sign offs, and 7:30 was still reserved for Drake and Josh, it’s kindergarten. It’s here where our journey over the course of the next twelve years began. Each year we’ll get tested. Sometimes on spelling, on grammar, on historical figures and events, the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell), or the quadratic formula, and along the way we’ll be taught valuable life lessons.  We developed the sense to share with others, to love ourselves and others, the way we should behave in public settings, but mostly we gained the skill of making friendships. Some of these friendships will last a lifetime others, only a year, maybe a month or two, but that doesn’t change the fact that we each gave a little part of ourselves to enhance the lives of someone else. 

Now in 2020, it’s senior year and the anticipation was indescribable. We were finally on the home stretch of our high school career; we finally would get to be at the top and brag about how awesome our year was. Together we faced the “big scary monster “ that was freshman year and together we would tackle the final hurdle, 毕业. Never in a million years would I have thought that we’d be stripped of the opportunity to roam down the halls that watched us grow up, for one last time. However, the show must go on, just with a little script change in place. We are very fortunate to have our administration be unwilling to throw in the towel and work continuously on giving us the culmination we deserve. While our senior experience is untraditional, there is no doubt that we will get the chance to create those dream memories. 

Sadly though, many 老年人 are at a loss of many of their lasts. As an athlete, I won’t have a final season or home meet, as an actor my friend won’t have one last bow on stage before the curtains close, as a student I will not get the chance to see my favorite teachers one last time and thank them for shaping me into who I am today, and as a class we won’t be staring into our best friend’s eyes as we toss our caps at a traditional 毕业 as we’re on the verge of tears because “we did it…” As so many of our last were stripped, I just look back at the good times I had and wish that I hadn’t taken so much time for granted.  Somewhere along the lines there is a silver lining, something we all get out of this.  Maybe this is that extra push towards independence that we need before we venture on our own paths, maybe this was our wake up call to not take things such as time for granted. 

This situation validates that no matter the predictions and forecasts that we’ll never know when our time is up.  We spend all this time on social media, but maybe we should’ve spent more of our time with one another. And in a school with so many opportunities, we should have taken advantage of them all. I’m sorry our time was cut short, yet I’m glad for the time that we shared. As we all feel somewhat robbed, we should look back at what we accomplished. This is our story to tell and I’m sure we will. Remembering the time that we shared I’d like to thank you. Thank you for all the memories and all the fun we had, long live the Class of 2020.